【 iBeacon Eddystone】 Made in Taiwan

WINPLUS focus on iBeacons wireless Bluetooth technology, navigation technology, location push, for large venues, shopping malls, public use .

All the production and design in Taiwan, Taiwan is a small number of manufacturers with their own design capabilities

beacon is constantly broadcasting their own Bluetooth information, with low power and long distance equipment, is Apple
Introduced, can be used for indoor positioning of a technology, to a certain extent used to make up for GPS in the room can not locate the lack of.
For ibeacon, many customers will be misunderstood, one is ibeacon can return distance data? The other is the module

Will automatically search to the phone, and push the relevant information to the phone. The module does not return to the phone distance value, but the module

Constantly broadcast their own information, the phone through the Bluetooth app to read the surrounding module information, and then determine the strength of the module to calculate the information

And the distance between the modules. The MAC address of each module is different, so that the phone can read the MAC address of the module to determine which
Device, you can also determine the value of the UUID device type. The module is constantly broadcast in accordance with the specified broadcast interval
Interest, and is not subject to any phone control and operation, nor will the phone push information. But the phone can pass this module
Mac address and distance to determine the location of the phone, and then download the relevant information from the server.

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