【 iBeacon Eddystone】 Made in Taiwan

WINPLUS focus on iBeacons wireless Bluetooth technology, navigation technology, location push, for large venues, shopping malls, public use .

All the production and design in Taiwan, Taiwan is a small number of manufacturers with their own design capabilities

beacon is constantly broadcasting their own Bluetooth information, with low power and long distance equipment, is Apple
Introduced, can be used for indoor positioning of a technology, to a certain extent used to make up for GPS in the room can not locate the lack of.
For ibeacon, many customers will be misunderstood, one is ibeacon can return distance data? The other is the module

Will automatically search to the phone, and push the relevant information to the phone. The module does not return to the phone distance value, but the module

Constantly broadcast their own information, the phone through the Bluetooth app to read the surrounding module information, and then determine the strength of the module to calculate the information

And the distance between the modules. The MAC address of each module is different, so that the phone can read the MAC address of the module to determine which
Device, you can also determine the value of the UUID device type. The module is constantly broadcast in accordance with the specified broadcast interval
Interest, and is not subject to any phone control and operation, nor will the phone push information. But the phone can pass this module
Mac address and distance to determine the location of the phone, and then download the relevant information from the server.

[Standard Bluetooth beacon ibeacon]


  Operating ambient temperature range: -40 ~ 80 °C
  Storage temperature range: -40 ~ 125 °C
  Has RESET Button (Round-00 size)

【Function and Service】

Currently, there are two ibeacon beacons, one for the entry-level Round-00 (WB100BC), covering 30m
, The use of CR2025 battery-powered, up to 3 months standby, with the deployment mode, does not support wireless update firmware.
Another for the commercial grade finished product, model square-06 (WB100BC-06), after Apple certification, can be a wide range of deployment,
Around 60m, the use of AA batteries, the longest standby can reach 1 year, with the deployment model to support wireless update firmware.

【IBeacon Introduction】

ibeacon calculated from the 2013 Apple iBeacons, and now there are four years time, and the past four years the world for iBeacon began to develop a lot of applications, Taiwan around the end of 2014, by the policy of the million Point beacon plan began, ibeacon in many of the wisdom of the city standard in the spring after the spring Xun like being brought out of a hundred, the United States and the United States is very early to contact ibeacon (early 2014), has done a pretty Many of the iBeacon applications, such as indoor positioning, RTLS (Real time Location System), pushLed control today want to let everyone know iBeacon principle.

What is IBEACON?

According to Apple’s statement: iBeacon is Apple’s “a kind of new low-power, low-cost signal transmitter that can be detected by nearby hand-held electronic devices”, which can be used in indoor positioning system. This technique allows a smartphone or other device to execute the corresponding command within the sensing range of an iBeacon base station. IBeacon’s transmission distance is divided into three different ranges:

Immediate recent: within 10 centimeters (mm)

Near midway: within 1 meter

Far distance: more than 10 meters

Standard IBEACON mode of operation:

Standard IBEACON mode of operation is as follows, in fact, there are several places to note

(1) launch of UUID, MAJOR, MINOR parameters of IBEACON base station

UUID, MAJOR, MINOR launch is the most basic to use IBECON first learn, in fact, if the classification point of view to see: UUID is a large category, MAJOR is a class, MINOR is a small class, with such a concept to do drive It is better to remember, we can UUID think of the road name, assuming that Chung Hsiao East Road, Major think of what a shop, assuming that SOGO, Minor think it is SOGO in which a counter, roughly on According to this classification, so if you take IBEACON to do the application, that is, read UUID, MAJOR, MINOR can

Which should pay attention to the MAJOR, MINOR can be set, but UUID can not casually set, iBeacin uuid is to be certified by Apple, chaos on iOS will be unable to identify, there is a need to download Apple The official Locate Beacon the following figure on the general can know what iOS is recognized to the UUID, Apple’s E2c56 … … is the most manufacturers with

(2) The distance formula calculated by the mobile device after reading the IBEACON Bluetooth signal

RSSI conversion distance formula is RSSI = – (10 * n * log10 d + A)

So converted to distance (meters), then Distance = 0.89976 * (rssi / txPower) ** 7.7095 + 0.111

⊕ RSSI: the packet signal strength received

⊕ d: the distance between the signal and the device

⊕ n: current transmission parameters of the environment

⊕ A: 1 meter distance signal strength (this is the distance accuracy can be the most basic, to pay attention)

Can refer to [Note 1]

(3) mobile device to read the IBUACON UUID MAJOR MINOR, the cloud SERVER database to add, modify, delete, query

This part is the majority of shopping malls and wisdom of the city in the use of ibeacon on the practice, the principle can be as shown below

When the mobile device close to iBeacon will receive iBeacon sent UUID, MAJOR, MINOR, mobile device received, that is close to the ibeacon, then the cloud will be close to the iBeacon represented by the meaning of the general The principle is that

Image source is Apple developer

Above said a lot, we will feel iBeacon hardware seems very simple, the United States and the United States also feel that it is not difficult, but the Bluetooth product is not a good job to make a work only, iBeacon power, wireless Field … and so on, are need to consider, but these are usually not the general consumer to see the,

I personally used in a case of a manufacturer of iBeacon (+ Beacon) stability and low power consumption, the company is also very professional to answer the question, I think they are still quite good, interested to test can be linked to WINPLUS

【Note 1】

1 meter distance signal strength (measure tx power), the factory is usually measured in the factory parameters, but how to measure in this share:

Step 1: Use iPhoe 4S or more to measure (4S or more support BLE), do not cover the upper half of the phone (hand, body, protective cover)

Step 2: When Beacon transmits a signal, the RSSI is sampled for 10 seconds from 1 meter (please send with 100mS frequency)

Step 3: Leave up to 10% and the lowest 20% RSSI sampling

Step 4: get the average value is that we want to 1 meter distance signal strength (measure tx power)